Business Advisory Services

Cantwell Consulting has been involved in a number of turnaround strategies for businesses that have struggled to deal with a changing landscape. The nature of the business, its makeup and the motivations of those connected with it are all critical issues to be considered before any salient advice can be given. Advice must be developed in the context of your environment and should always come from understanding. We work at developing relationships that foster the right atmosphere within which a course can be plotted that can deliver their desired results.

Strategy Formation

For all aspects of business management, decisions must be guided by a central focus such as quality, price, and/or customer service. To determine this focus can be a turning point for business owners. Once the mission is clear, it becomes the driving force behind the decisions that are made. It sometimes requires a challenging environment to test the logic and strength of this desire. A clear message emerges on which a set of goals can be built. Decisions are then taken to make those goals a reality. A connectivity is identified between the resources and opportunities of the business. An effective strategy identifies a course to bring resources and opportunities into balance.  At Cantwell Consulting we provide the right atmosphere to challenge the status quo and push you to uncover the “why” behind your business.

Budget and cash flow

Clients often find it difficult to identify and measure the cash-flow generated by their business. We work with them to develop robust cash-flow projections. This often involves a fresh approach to how they view their accounting function. Once clients have a clear understanding of their pressure points we can then develop a strategy to ease any negative impact by:


  • Identifying Cost Drivers
  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Price Point
  • Debtor and Creditor Management
  • Linking Cost Management to Sales Incentives

Business Improvement

A business is a constantly evolving entity and owners must continually strive to adapt and improve. It is often easier for an external advisor to ask the probing questions that can deliver key insights into continuous improvement. The ultimate goal is to build into the business the mechanisms to allow this to occur organically. We work with you to link the main pillars of your business together to drive improvements in customer service, people and ultimately profitability.

Corporate Restructures

Cantwell Consulting provides advice to directors/shareholders on key criteria when determining all their options in difficult trading environments. Having managed cost-rationalisation processes in different business environments we understand the challenges and considerations necessary to affect this type of course change:


  • Cash-Flow Management
  • Creditor Negotiations
  • Asset Disposal
  • Debt Management
  • Resource Utilisation

Stakeholder Management

Every business is affected by many influencers both internally and externally. Understanding these relationships – and how to manage them – can greatly improve performance and, critically, profitability. Categorizing these stakeholders and developing mechanisms to ensure they are managed correctly is a vital requirement and contributes greatly to success.

Risk Management

Business is constantly evolving and owners must be aware of potential threats to their existing business model. Risk-assessment techniques can be an effective medium-to-long-term tool to identify potential disruption and help devise strategies for mitigating these risks. The challenges for SME’s are to recognize these risks and their impact on the business. We work with clients to identify and develop strategies to counteract these risks. Read our article on Risk Management.

Acquisitions and Disposal

Cantwell Consulting has worked with clients at critical stages in the growth and divestment of their business. We have advised clients on the key criteria necessary to determine the price of a particular business and the pitfalls that can occur when acquiring them.


  • Value Determination
  • People and Change Management
  • Indemnity and Warranty Negotiation
  • Escrow Fund Management
  • Tax Management

Motor Distributor / Franchisee Negotations

Having acted for both distributors and franchisees in acquiring and surrendering franchise/distributor agreements we have considerable experience in the motivations that result in successful outcomes. These negotiations require a detailed understanding of the contract complexities and key-stakeholder motivations particular to the Irish market.